Upgrade to QSP4 to leverage new features, processes, and technology

Danville Public Schools in Danville, Virginia, is the latest district to upgrade their school nutrition management software to QSP4 this summer.

Because Danville’s IT department is requiring them to upgrade all of their terminal hardware, they wanted to take advantage of QSP4’s new technology.  Since upgrading, they are now able to change an item’s price once, not multiple times for all the schools.  They have control of the layouts so substitutes don’t have to learn a new layout each time they sub at a different school.  Plus, QSP4 gives the district peace of mind in knowing their data is secure and constantly backed up.

QSP4 offers numerous improvements, including streamlined processing, a centralized database and reporting, and central office administration for menu items, prices, and menu layouts.

Another benefit is that QSP4 can be deployed in the cloud, which we strongly recommend because it alleviates technical headaches and allows for faster support issue resolution times.

Is your district ready to upgrade? Contact Customer Support Manager Sally Schultz at 804-598-0114 or sschultz@k12enterprise.com for upgrade information.