COLUMBUS, OH (4/25/2013) – K12 Enterprise and the Tri-Rivers Educational Computer Association (TRECA) are launching a strategic partnership to provide Ohio school districts with an advanced software solution to integrate financial and human resources management processes and streamline business operations.

TRECA decided to partner with K12 Enterprise to spearhead innovation and lead Ohio school districts into the next generation of business operation’s software. Unveiled during the Ohio Association of School Business Officials (OASBO)Workshop and Trade Show, the selection of K12 Enterprise was made after TRECA fulfilled its due diligence and conducted a thorough and extensive review of the software marketplace for K-12 schools.

“With K12 Enterprise, school districts will be able to obtain an advanced, user-friendly, Microsoft solution that addresses the multiple demands facing Ohio schools,” said Mike Carder, Chief Executive Officer for TRECA. “Our member districts are always looking for versatile products like K12 Enterprise that increase efficiency and make data and information more accessible.”

TRECA is a nonprofit Information Technology Center (ITC) within the Ohio Education Computer Network and provides its consortium—comprised of 36 Ohio school districts and institutions—with innovative solutions and cost saving measures for their core services.

In selecting K12 Enterprise and its implementation and support services, TRECA cited the system’s ability to address budgetary processing, payroll processing, human resources recordkeeping, online approvals, salary scheduling, easy-to-do projections, and other key features.

“Our goal is to help school districts take advantage of the latest technology and maximize their operational efficiency,” K12 Enterprise Executive Vice President Jeremy Fass said. “In TRECA, we have a unique opportunity to partner with on-the-ground technology experts from a forward-thinking ITC that is always searching for cost-effective ways to better support Ohio school districts and their unique challenges.”

About K12 Enterprise

K12 Enterprise is Microsoft’s leading enterprise-grade financial and human resource management software for K-12 school systems. Built within Microsoft Dynamics, K12 Enterprise was created with the specific financial management, HR, payroll and state reporting functionality required by school systems. K12 Enterprise provides software, implementation, consultation, training, and support. Learn more at