Spring training isn’t just for ball players

Sally Websiteby Sally Schultz, Customer Support Manager

Spring has finally arrived, and SunPac instructors are available to train your staff in a variety of ways.  Whether you’re looking to adopt new procedures, cross-train personnel, or adjust to staff turnover, our trainers can help.  We can come on-site or schedule dedicated time using our Go To Assist session technology.  It’s your choice.

We’ve been on the road recently at several districts conducting training for LBAAS, Purchasing workflow setup, and general Accounts Payable, just to name a few topics.

Harold Blair, Finance Officer at Asheboro City Schools said this about his recent training experience: “K12 staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  We will become much more efficient because of the help we received.”

If you’re interested in our Training services, please contact me at SSchultz@K12Enterprise.com.