K12 enterprises


New Version Increases Productivity for School Administrators


K12 Enterprise today announced the release of a breakthrough user experience and technology innovation that simplifies access to information, improves organizational agility, and streamlines integration with a wide range of applications. 

Known as the Role Tailored Client (RTC), the completely redesigned user interface provides employees with technology empowering them to accomplish more each day with a clear view of relevant tasks and information.

 "Historically, ERP software has been designed to automate processes using a rigid and inflexible user interface in order to control data entry," says Andrew Fass, CEO of K12 Enterprise. "Not much thought was given to the ways people work and the tools they need to be more productive.  Based on extensive research into the way people really do their jobs, Microsoft is shifting this paradigm by introducing the role-tailored user experience.  K12 Enterprise has taken this concept and adapted it to fit the specific needs of school districts."

Easy-to-use role centers give school district staff new ways to organize work and prioritize relevant tasks, increasing productivity and effectiveness.  The role center hides features not needed or not used on a regular basis, while putting frequently used actions and information front-and-center.  This gives the user an uncluttered view and line-of-sight to upcoming tasks.

Other benefits of this new release include:

  • A three-tier architecture and built-in support for Web services that simplifies connections to other applications, significantly reducing integration efforts and costs.
  • Improved data exchange, employing cloud technology, enabling data-sharing with other applications while maintaining data integrity and security. 
  • Enhanced reporting and design capabilities allowing users to create visually appealing reports to effectively communicate information.
  • Robust integration with Microsoft Office programs for easy access to Outlook, Excel, Word, and other applications.  Employees can easily find, use, and share information directly from their role center.

"Now when employees open K12 Enterprise, they will instantly notice two things," says Fass.  "Firstly, there is a familiar look and feel to key features in the new user interface.  If someone has worked with other Microsoft Office software, this should be a comfortable transition.  Secondly, each user has a personalized view where they can organize their pages, set-up their shortcuts, and get to work without much training.  From day one, school district personnel think 'This was designed just for me.'  That's a sign of a system that works exactly the way people need it to.

"Also, the new interface is clean and simple," continues Fass. "Employees won't get distracted or waste time looking for key information – they can manage everything from one location."

The latest release of K12 Enterprise is currently available.  The company plans to upgrade all their existing clients to the new version over the next six to 12 months.