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You're a Payroll Manager

And in your department, every day is payday. It’s your responsibility to manage a diverse employee population with complex needs that include varying pay cycles, contracts, union regulations, and retirement calculations, as well as a broad spectrum of compliance reporting.  To manage all of these pressing demands at once, look to K12 Enterprise for an automated solution to meet your deadlines.

Advantages that Add Up

Payroll is the one area where you have to deliver on time and there is no room for error.  The complexity of managing exceptions that arise each cycle--each with their own sets of rules—can seem overwhelming.  With K12 Enterprise you can easily manage, track, and analyze every aspect of your daily tasks to gain greater efficiencies, while eliminating manual paper-based processes.  K12 Enterprise is designed to manage a complete set of payroll responsibilities, including:

• Multiple Job Assignments per Employee
• Support for Variable Cycles, including 10 Month/12 Month
• Unlimited Earnings and Deduction Types
• Salary Matrix with Auto Step Function to Facilitate Mass Changes
• Payroll Budgeting Tool Integrated to G/L Budgeting
• Automated Retroactive Pay
• Contract Payout Processing
• Additional Annual Pay (e.g. Department Heads)
• Leave Tracking with Auto Leaved Docking
• Automatic General Ledger Expense Allocations
• Built-in Error Checking
• Auto Calculation of Years of Service
• Direct Deposit to Unlimited Bank Accounts
• Timesheet and Leave Entry
• Integration with 3rd Party Leave and Substitute Administration/Time Entry Systems 
• Payroll Check Reprint Capabilities
• Self-sealing Payroll Checks
• Employee Self-Service for the delivery of Pay Vouchers and W2s

“I deal with so many exceptions and changes each pay cycle—so where can I find a system that helps me get my job done with more confidence and accuracy?”

K12 Enterprise includes a variety of features that allows users to better manage the changes and exceptions that occur during each pay cycle.  From automated employee setup and mass updating of employee records to advanced error checking and insightful pre-posting reports, K12 Enterprise can anticipate and respond to any issue.  In addition, K12 Enterprise can calculate such essentials as lump sum payouts and retroactive pay, while providing the ability to enter rate changes based on future dates, such as tax table updates, employee compensation changes, and employee salary deductions.

“It is essential that my system addresses compliancy issues and that my software vendor keeps the system up-to-date.”

K12 Enterprise completely eliminates the need to maintain various disparate systems used to address federal, state, and local reporting requirements. With deep experience and rich accounting knowledge, K12 Enterprise has developed a solution that meets your specific reporting and operational needs—and anticipates potential changes that will occur over time.  With its rapid Microsoft development environment, K12 Enterprise can be adapted easily to manage the ever-changing compliance requirements that all districts encounter.  And, as additional regulatory changes occur, K12 Enterprise will provide system updates as part of your ongoing software maintenance agreement.

How can I spend less time answering employee questions and filling out forms that could be automated?”

K12 Enterprise offers an advanced, self-service web portal that provides a personalized information resource for your employees.  With just a few clicks, your employees can gain access to current information such as personal data, compensation, benefit, certification details, and receiving and printing check stubs. Employees can access online forms to update W4 information, to change benefit details, or to initiate leave requests.  The employee portal also provides immediate access to district announcements, informational links, and a step-by-step guide to the benefit enrollment process.  All data submitted by employees is controlled and managed by workflow processes with multi-level approvals.