Historically, Owen J. Roberts School District used financial management systems that were specifically created for school districts and the public sector. The downfall to these systems is that they lack the features, structure, and robustness of a system developed for the corporate world. Owen J. Roberts wanted a system developed with the best practices used by financial professionals world-wide.

Their selection criteria included:

  • A trustworthy product with a proven best practices model for business financials
  • SQL based to facilitate connectivity to OJR’s other applications
  • Accommodate 4,000 chart of accounts
  • PO module with approval and workflow routing schemes
  • Scalable for hundreds of users
  • Payroll for 1,200 W-2’s annually and direct deposit
  • Fund accounting
  • Encumbrances tracking
  • Budgeting: Cost center/departmental budgeting
  • Budget vs. actual variance reporting
  • Able to connect web-portals such as budget and purchase portals
  • Easy reporting tools

Owen J. Roberts selected K12 Enterprise, a Microsoft Dynamics solution, and chose to work with partner AVF Consulting.

“We use SQL as the foundation layer of our network architecture and require all of our applications to run on SQL,” said John Zook, Technology Director of Owen J. Roberts. “[K12 Enterprise] was an easy choice for us because it is built on a Microsoft product used by tens of thousands of finance professionals worldwide. It easily connects with our other applications and web portals, greatly simplifying our reporting procedures.”

Owen J. Roberts implemented K12 Enterprise in phases, focusing first on payroll.

“Implementing payroll for a school district requires comprehensive setup,” says Beth Radford, Business Manager for Owen J. Roberts School District. “AVF’s consultants were able to accommodate our broad, detailed chart of accounts and build allocation features to facilitate any combination of payroll allocations.”

Thanks to K12 Enterprise’s flexible architecture, AVF was able to provide key functionality for Owen J. Roberts’ specific requirements, including having checks printed and automatically sealed in self-sealing envelopes. Because AVF has such a strong expertise in K12 Enterprise and Microsoft Dynamics technology, the implementation was very smooth.


Owen J. Roberts’ directors cite specific areas where K12 Enterprise has increased the efficiency and productivity of their staff:

  • Reports. “The finance department has much greater access to the reports that we need on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We can easily retrieve many reports directly from K12 Enterprise that we could not get from our previous systems. We’ve significantly decreased the number of reports we request from the IT department, saving everyone time.”
  • Ease of Data Manipulation. “We can easily transfer data from K12 Enterprise into Excel with a simple cut and paste. Pulling GL transactions for specific date or account ranges is quick and painless. We can then sort the information any way we need to. ”
  • Filtering Capabilities. “Data is much easier to retrieve and analyze using the filtering capabilities in K12 Enterprise. We can now pull data on the fly for instant reports, whether it’s for auditors, school administrators, or our department. Verifying data such as an employee’s current check deduction is easily accomplished by going directly into the General Ledger and utilizing filters.”
  • Payroll. “AVF’s consultants have the expertise to accurately set up the chart of accounts to handle the complex pay structures of school districts. K12 Enterprise allows teachers’ pay to be coded to multiple accounts very easily.”

“K12 Enterprise’s consultants had the expertise in accounting and payroll to configure our detailed payroll needs into a flexible application, allowing for proper allocations and both internal and external reporting.”
— Beth Radford, Business Manager, Owen J. Roberts School District