School Nutrition Management

Experience a software suite of integrated applications specializing in K-12 School nutrition that will improve your school nutrition management in and out of the cafeteria.

School Nutrition Management Software

By applying cutting-edge technology to School Nutrition Management, PaySchools developed software with a suite of integrated and customizable applications that auto-sync with any school district’s Student Information System to provide essential and innovative school nutrition functions with high functionality, manageability, usability, and efficiency at a lower School Nutrition Management Software price.

The School Nutrition Management Software Suite includes:
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Admin Central - Student Data Management System

Admin Central is the student data management system component of the School Nutrition Management Software suite. Admin Central compiles all of the School Nutrition Management Software suite applications and integrates with any Student Information System (SIS) to provide a seamless School Nutrition Management navigation base that is kept up-to-date with all updates and changes within the SIS of the school district.

Additionally, Admin Central interfaces with:

  • Infinite Campus
  • DASL
  • Power School
  • STI
  • CYMS
  • ARES
  • Library Systems
  • Transportation Systems
  • Food Service Systems
  • Etc.

PFI - Online Payment System (PFI) is the online payment system component of the School Nutrition Management Software suite. PFI is a secured online website that allows parents and guardians to add money to student cafeteria accounts. The application also enables payments of any school district fees using Credit Card or Check through the internet at any location.

PFI is Dynamic

  • Allows an unlimited number of collection areas including Lunch programs, Activities, Fees, and Registrations
  • Collection areas can be uniquely defined by the District whenever needed
  • New collection areas can be set up and released real-time or they can be preset with a release date in the future
  • Collection areas can be released only to specific groups
  • Accounts may be accessed 24×7

PFI is Cost Competitive

  • Several manual areas become automated significantly reducing the number of staff, steps, and paperwork needed to complete each transaction
  • Human error is eliminated
  • Directly interfaces with other school systems eliminating duplication between systems
  • Consistent operating procedures are automatically established across the District and parent community
  • The application design and online help available reduces the need for costly training and/or parent support
  • Reporting and monitoring is available at the District level and the school level

PFI streamlines coordination with Parents/Guardians

  • Parents/Guardians maintain their own accounts in the convenience of their home, at any time
  • Communication with parents is automated and thorough
  • Parents/Guardians use one system for all school fees, activities, programs, and registrations

QuikLunch - Point of Sale System

QuikLunch is the point of sale and reporting manager component of the School Nutrition Management Software suite. QuikLunch has data integrity that is unmatched and keeps the system up-to-date with technology advances through automatic updates. The QuikLunch system is centralized and browser-based enabling data sharing and data transfer between all schools in the district.

By integrating with and other components of the School Nutrition Management Software suite, QuikLunch also enables parents/guardians to fund student lunch accounts and review student lunch account activity from the convenience of their home.

QuikLunch provides advanced point of sale and manager reporting functions while remaining:

  • Affordable
  • Easy To Use
  • User-Friendly
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Fast

QuikApps - Free or Reduced Meal Application Tracking

QuikApps is the free or reduced meal application tracking component of the School Nutrition Management Software suite. The application provides flexibility able to keep up with the ever changing and complex USDA rules and regulations for single or multi-family meal applications. Fully integrated with QuikLunch Point of Sale, this application can be accessed from the Central Office or the individual school sites.

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