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You're an HR Director

And every day, you’re charged with managing your school system’s most valuable asset—its people.  Within this dynamic role, the scope and number of your responsibilities and deliverables can change from day to day.  With the support of K12 Enterprise, you’ll have a powerful but flexible HR management system that can keep pace with your needs.

Tracking Every Detail

As every HR professional knows, much of your everyday workflow involves reporting on the data you’ve already gathered.  With the power to capture an endless volume of employee-related data, K12 Enterprise includes robust query capabilities to generate precise reports as you need them.  As a result, you’ll gain the critical perspective you need to better manage your duties, including:

• Employee Tracking
• Employee Self Service
• Benefit Administration
• Applicant Tracking
• Leave Tracking
• Certification and Skills Tracking
• Substitute Administration
• EEO Reporting
• State Specific Staff Reporting

"I need a system that gives me quick access to my data and allows me to easily export to Excel."

K12 Enterprise provides rapid on-line access to employee demographic information, compensation data, certifications, leave balances and much more.  Built-in, user-friendly query tools allow you to retrieve and analyze information easily.  You can query data on the fly for instant reports to satisfy audits and other internal requests. Our standard Microsoft user interface enables you to arrange fields and columns on-screen to your specifications—and with a single click, generate finished, formatted spreadsheets in Excel.

"I need a system that keeps pace with changing reporting requirements."

Right out of the box, K12 Enterprise is designed to meet a wide range of your federal, state, and local reporting requirements, such as professional staff assignment and certification reporting, EEO compliance reporting, retirement reporting, and new hire reporting. With the most advanced Microsoft development suite in the industry, K12 Enterprise can meet your changing reporting needs faster and more accurately than any other solution on the market.

"I need a system that manages employee benefits and streamlines open benefit enrollment."

K12 Enterprise includes a robust benefits administration module that allows you to track employee enrollment history, dependents, and beneficiaries—and it is seamlessly connected to the payroll module.  K12 Enterprise also offers a web-based, employee self-service portal that employees can use to view their current benefit details and to complete the open enrollment process.