Attendees praise inaugural K12 Enterprise Pennsylvania User Conference

K12 Enterprise customers from six school districts attended the inaugural Pennsylvania K12 Enterprise User Conference on May 12 in Harrisburg. Session topics included Fiscal Year-End Review, Reporting, the Employee Resource Center, and the User Interface. Longer seminars addressed Finance and Payroll topics in detail.

Attendees provided the following comments:

“[The Conference] provided very useful system functionality to help expand use of current system and plan for upgrade to the new system. Great potential to be realized by upgrading.”

“Information was useful; it’s helpful to know more about new system options.”

“Enjoyed tremendously. Very helpful to see hands-on [demonstrations].”

“I liked the training tips, feedback from other users, previews/education on version 7.”

“Very interesting features that will greatly benefit many areas/aspects of HR/Payroll/Financial system functionality.”

We look forward to seeing our Pennsylvania customers in 2016!