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You're a Business Manager

As the Business Manager, it is your responsibility to safeguard the finances of the district, to foresee potential pitfalls before they happen, and adapt when needed to maintain stability.  Without the proper tools to help you navigate and respond, you might as well be flying blind.

With K12 Enterprise, a Microsoft Dynamics Solution, you will be able to turn transactional information into a strategic management tool.  Monitoring the performance of the district has never been this easy, and by using K12 Enterprise's built-in workflow automation, budgetary controls and role-based security, you will be able to realize a higher degree of efficient, secured business operations than ever before.

“I need a system that provides immediate answers to my questions.”

Today more than ever, Business Managers are being asked to do more with less and to provide detailed, timely information about how funds are spent.  Districts across the nation are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the demands of the community for more responsive service and to keep up with the reporting requirements of the state without overspending the budget.

With K12 Enterprise, putting your finger on the right data at the right time has never been easier.  Instant query, filter and drill-down capabilities coupled with quick access to data across any module, allow you to pinpoint your analysis.  And with the "single click" transfer of data from K12 Enterprise to Word and Excel, you can effortlessly send information throughout your organization using familiar Microsoft tools.   By providing a global view across the entire organization, streamlining business processes, and improving communication between departments, K12 Enterprise puts you in control of your information, taking guesswork out of the decision making process.  K12 Enterprise's advanced accounting and reporting capabilities provide a flexible chart of account structure, produce accurate financial and state reports, and ensure compliance with GASB 34.

“I want a system to automate approval processing.”

K12 Enterprise’s advanced workflow automation and budget control engine allows you to define business rules to control spending.  Using either budgetary or dollar amount thresholds, you can determine if a transaction requires approval and how to route that approval.  Using a standard email and a web-based approval portal, you can easily review and decide how to best handle a given transaction.  Coupled with automated, web-based purchase requisition management and vendor bidding, you can streamline the steps required to conduct business both internally and externally while reducing your reliance on paper.  

“I need a system that secures our sensitive information.”

With K12 Enterprise’s robust security management module, you can feel confident that your sensitive data is protected and only accessible to authorized users.  Security can be controlled using Windows Authentication security groups, which gives you the ability to establish network-based security levels that are recognized within K12 Enterprise.  In addition, K12 Enterprise provides advanced user access rules, limiting users to only those transactions that are specific to their cost centers. 

“I need a partner that is both reactive and proactive in meeting my needs.”

K12 Enterprise regards customer service as a means to solve immediate problems while creating longer-term solutions.  Our engineers and service representatives work closely with your organization to resolve day-to-day issues, while looking for opportunities to further enhance the base solution to better address your core needs.  Your feedback is an essential component of K12 Enterprise’s evolution and our shared success.