Financial and Human Resource Software for K-12 Schools

Whether you’re in Finance, HR, Payroll, or IT, you face the same challenge—how best to manage the growing complexity of school business operations, while confronting shrinking budgets and growing mandates for stricter accounting and reporting standards.

The solution?

K12 Enterprise is an integrated financial and human resources management system that will help your school district’s operations achieve a higher degree of efficiency and agility than ever before. K12 Enterprise replaces inflexible legacy systems with a modern application that automates manual tasks and reduces operating costs.

From Finance through HR and Payroll, K12 Enterprise’s integrated suite of modules are specifically designed to eliminate waste, automate workflow, and enable better collaboration between departments. What’s more, an investment in K12 Enterprise is an investment in Microsoft: K12 Enterprise is an extension of Microsoft Dynamics, the preferred business management software for companies across the world. The use of Microsoft technology ensures a tightly integrated user experience that is familiar to your users, highly adaptive, and works in concert with your current technology investment.

Our affordable, subscription-based solution is deployed in a fully hosted environment, saving you money and helping to reduce the strain on your internal resources.  Our highly reliable, secure infrastructure has been designed to maximize performance while minimizing downtime.  Deploying in the “cloud” eliminates the need to periodically purchase servers, software, and the associated maintenance & support contracts, and relieves your IT department from performing many regular and time-consuming maintenance tasks.